Nader Hamzeh

paints forms and faces, broken bodies on old and shattered walls

immersing the viewer in the depths of our collective unconscious.

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The Artist‘s Statement

“As an artist, my artistic journey was inspired by my personal experience in one of the quarters of Old Damascus in 2007, where I found myself contemplating a wall covered in old posters, prompting me to derive broken and distorted forms that alternated between appearing and disappearing. I initially drew deep inspiration from the works of Francis Bacon, William de Kooning, Chaim Soutine, and German Expressionism, but I sought to transcend into realms beyond traditional artistic boundaries.

In my paintings, I strive to express the distorted relationships between individuals in our current world, where technology plays a significant role, yet humans have not fully exploited its potential and have become victims of it. However, my stance is not against technology; rather, I believe in effectively harnessing it to reduce the burden of manual labor and transition towards a more creatively fulfilling human existence.


In my artwork, characters remain faceless, existing in ambiguous relationships, with swift lines in constant motion and broken forms on old walls drawing viewers into the depths of our collective subconscious. My art reflects an analytical view of the present, initiating necessary processes of transformation towards greater human solidarity through the innovative use of current and future technologies.”